The Command Board, in it’s original cardboard design, was developed in the early 90’s in southern California. The idea was conceived during particular incident which required moving the hood of the patrol car command post three times. Command Concepts was formed in May of 2001, when it was apparent that the use of the cardboard models was a valuable tool during critical incident operations and there was a need for a more professional product. Command Concepts will continue to offer yearly updated Incident Command Packages with the contribution from some of the nation’s leading subject matter experts to keep first response incident commanders up-to-date on the tactical nature of their incidents.


If you order boards for your agency and would like a certified trainer to train your personnel on ICS while incorporating the Command Board, we recommend you contact Randy Ashmore. He is a national expert who travels the country training agencies in the use of ICS.

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The Command Board is used in training at:

  • FLETC: Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
  • RULETC:  Rural Law Enforcement Training Center
  • CSTI:  California State Training Center
  • CALEA:  Coalition for the Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies
  • NTOA:  National Tactical Officers Association
  • Several state academies and incident command courses across the nation.

In Action

  • 1000’s of Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies across the nation, including the FBI, ATF, NASA DEA and Federal Protective Services.
  • Many branches of the military.
  • Numerous school site and private industries including Raytheon, Reuters and Amgen.

The Command Board has been used in countless field operations including:

  • The 24 Olympic sites at the 2002 Winter Games in Utah
  • The recovery efforts of the Columbia Shuttle disaster
  • The Mississippi chemical spill requiring the evacuation of 15,000 residents
  • The Banning, CA. bank robbery in October 2002
  • Operation:  Iraqi Freedom