THE COMMAND BOARD-YOU’RE IN COMMAND WHEREVER YOU TAKE ITThe Emergency Management Tool Incident Commanders Need for Fast and Accurate Decision Making

The Emergency Management Tool Incident Commanders Need for Fast and Accurate Decision Making

PROBLEM: Anyone who has ever responded to the scene of a critical incident has experienced the chaotic, confusing, disorganized and rapidly changing dynamics of a command post.

SOLUTION: The Command Board® is a portable, NIMS Compliant ICS Management Tool that sets up in less than a minute to organize an on the spot Incident Command to facilitate quick decision making information, management of resources and strategic planning in any emergency situation.

The Command Board® is used by many State, Federal and local Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Departments, Military Units, Schools and Corporations throughout the U.S.

With The Command Board® The Incident Commander can:

  • Initiate a Command Post in minutes
  • Begin immediate incident documentation – Gather vital intelligence
  • Request necessary personnel
  • Make vital and timely notifications
  • Establish essential communications
  • Utilize all necessary on scene resources
  • Make Command Transfers smoothly

Customize The Command Board® for your agency, department or company to:

  • Provide a consistent ICS response system
  • Minimize future risk management issues
  • Make policies & procedures readily available
  • Make command post set-up fast, easy and mobile – Organize and document evolving events

Each Command Board features:

  • High Density Nylon canvas outer shell
  • Clipboard sections with clear, weatherproof reference sections
  • Rounded straps to keep documents safely in place
  • Two standard dry erase boards
  • Accordion style briefcase section for storage of procedures and worksheets
  • Handy shoulder strap


By popular demand we have created this Command Board with Dry Erase Command Boards throughout. All of the panels can interchange with any Dry Erase Boards we offer. You can store extra Dry Erase boards in the center section. You choose the configuration you want. Boards come with two small blank dry erase on the left panels and you can choose the remaining boards, Choose all blank or any combination of the screened Dry Erase Boards we offer and add additional as needed. (Comes with 4 Standard Size Dry Erase Boards).

Command board sizes and descriptions


The Standard Command Board is designed to be a multi-purpose Incident Command Tool and can incorporate all available Incident Command Packages. It is used primarily by Law Enforcement, Schools and for basic Emergency Management.

The Standard Board folds into a briefcase size of 15” x 22” and expands in seconds to the full 31” x 56” size ready for use. It fits easily on a table, car hood and hangs easily with the two enclosed hanging straps.


The Deluxe size board was designed for operations requiring the use of large maps, like the Military, Wildland Firefighting and Search and Rescue. The Deluxe board folds to 16”x24” and opens to 30”x60”and can accommodate any Incident Command Package.

The center panel is designed to accommodate several map pouches that are attached with metal “O” Rings that allow the pouches to be flipped to both the right and left panels.

The Deluxe Command Board includes one large map pouch. Additional map pouches can be purchased separately.


The Compact Command Board was developed for smaller posts and operations by military, specialized law enforcement groups (hostage negotiators), hazardous material response teams, public information officers andotherindividual operationalposts.

The Compact Board folds to a small 14” x 12” briefcase and opens quickly to a full 30” x 30” operational size. The center section features an expandableweather-proof pocket for incident forms and a small dry erase board. Each side panel has two spring loaded clips to hold padded forms in place plus security bands and plastic waterproof pockets. All Incident Command Packages can be incorporated into the Compact Board with some modifications required due to size of board.