If you order boards for your agency and would like a certified trainer to train your personnel on ICS while incorporating the Command Board, we recommend you contact Randy Ashmore. He is a national expert who travels the country training agencies in the use of ICS.

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Randy T. Ashmore is a retired USCG Chief Petty Officer. Currently the director of operations and training for a small tactical company located in CT; using the skills and training he gained from over 20 years Coast Guard operational experience, he develops and dynamically teaches classes on a wide variety of topics, building teams and developing strong leaders.

While in the Coast Guard, Randy worked on ships, small boats, and on land. He responded all over the world, working on events ranging from the Exxon Valdez to the ricin response in DC, including numerous train derailments, vessel groundings, chemical releases and National Safety & Security Events. He is an original member of both the International Maritime Law Enforcement Team (IMLET, which part of the book “Not your Fathers Coast Guard” was written) and the International Training Division (ITD). He was the first CBRNE Chief the Coast Guard had for their Maritime Security Response Team (MSRT). Randy’s job was to develop teams, train, and stay ready to respond to maritime WMD events, as well as conduct various port inspections to help better prepare an area against various threats. Not only was Randy a team leader, but he was also a well-seasoned EMT, and filled the role of team medic. Randy travelled to numerous countries taught and developed host nations Coast Guard units. He developed and taught courses in Port Security, Search and Rescue, HAZMAT, Oil Spill Response, Disaster Mitigation, Confined Space Entry and Rescue, Small Arms, Driving, Medical, Fire Fighting and Law Enforcement. Additionally Randy is qualified as a Type I Safety Officer, Type II Operations and Planning Section Chief and has taught Incident Command for nearly twenty years. Randy not only teaches ICS, but he is a responder and uses it. Many times during his Coast Guard career Randy was deployed in response to an incident to help set up ICS and establish a planning process, making the response mitigation efforts operate smoother. Fluent in Spanish and an avid photographer, who loves to travel Randy stays busy. As one of the founding members of The Professional Association of Safe Tactical Riders (www.thePASTR.org), Randy works as the Webmaster, Senior Master Instructor, and continually strives to make improvements with regards to safety during all operations he is involved with.

Randy is also a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) through the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) and a Certified Environmental Safety and Health Trainer (CET) through Board Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP). While at home he is the town’s Emergency Management Director, he writes and develops and approves a wide variety of Emergency Operations Plans and Continuity Plans, as well as managing a budget and writing grants, and he volunteers with the local ambulance association. Randy is still involved with the Coast Guard through the Coast Guard Auxiliary, teaching boating safety and ICS courses for them.

Away from work and response Randy is an avid photographer, and enjoys the outdoors.

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